10 Best Tips To Take Care Of Your Pet Bird

10 Tips to Take Care of Your Pet Bird

Every pet is unique in their own ways but one thing that is common among all is the love and care they require. As a pet owner, providing them with every essential requirement must be your priority. Unlike cats and dogs, birds belong to a different species and so their needs differ. You need to have a different set of rules to follow while being a pet owner to a bird.

Follow these simple ten tips to take care of your pet bird.

1. Start with Good research

The first on the list is quite obvious one. Ace your research before you decide on buying or adopting an avian species. Like cats and dogs, birds also have a variety. They differ according to their shape, size, habitat, diet, etc. Now all this depends on your lifestyle. If you are a busy individual and do not want to commit, birds with short lifespans and low maintenance are a good match.

On the other hand, if you are up for commitments, go for a bird with a larger lifespan. Whatever you choose, ensure you can align your bird’s schedule with yours and give them proper care. The choice you make will determine your pet’s well being.

2. Look for all the possible diseases

While you are on your research, do not forget to look out for all the diseases that might be common among the species. This will help you to be prepared for any emergencies. Pay attention to slight changes in your bird’s health and behavior. Keeping track of their health will ensure a good life for your bird.

3. Provide them with good space

Make sure to give enough space to your pet bird in the cage. Buy a cage that allows them to carry their activities properly. They must be able to roam around freely and spread their wings in the cage. After a certain period, when your pet feels comfortable, let them live in an enclosed space within the house.

Provide them with good space

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Providing adequate space will help in the overall development of your bird. Give them room for exercises too. Choose a suitable place for keeping the cage where the environment is pleasant. Do not keep it in sunlight or a dry place. Keep water and food inside the cage available for them.

4. Take care of their diet

Good quality diet is a must for your pet. It highly depends on what kind of bird species you have. Include more fruits and vegetables for giving them a rich diet. Avoid packaged or dried food, you can go for seeds and nuts.

Include more vitamins and minerals. Feed them with spinach, celery but avoid chocolate, caffeine. Keep in mind, the kind of diet you plan for your bird will highly decide their growth and development. A healthy bird has more chances of living long.

5. Give them fresh water

Changing water in regular intervals is essential. Still water can be harmful for your bird’s health as it contains bacteria. There can be feathers and dirt in the cage that can drop off in drinking water. Make sure to clean the utensil and fill in fresh water. If you feel that the tap water is not suitable to drink for them, good quality water must be given.

6. Ensure cleanliness

Cleanliness around the living space must be there. There can be feces in the cage that can impact your bird’s health. It is important to note birds are vulnerable to diseases due to bad hygiene.

You can identify if your pet is unwell through their feces, this can probably help to fix the issue. Clean environment makes your pet feel fresh and healthy. It is also necessary to give them a spot where they can bathe and clean themselves.

7. Keep away harmful products

Birds are prone to allergies and infections. You must take care while using certain products in the house. Cleaning products, disinfectants, etc can be hazardous for your pet bird. Avoid smoking near them as they are very sensitive to certain fumes.

Ensure to choose a place for your pet which is away from such areas where you use these products. If possible, try using substitutes for the products that do not suit your bird.

8. Stay in touch with a good vet

Whatever may be your choice of pet, finding a good vet has no alternatives. Your vet will be able to suggest to you the diet, medicines, and every little requirement of your bird. They can let you know about the possible diseases and the ways to take care of them. Have regular vet visits to keep track of any slight changes in your pet.

9. Keep them entertained

In addition to buying a good sized cage for your pet bird, you can keep some toys inside it. Remember it is important to involve them in physical activities. They must be provided with some toys like mirrors, rope toys, etc. to keep them engaged. This will reduce their boredom and prevent diseases. Look out for toys that suit your bird’s species.

10. Treat them with care and love

This does not need to be explained because love and kindness is the best thing you can give to your pet and receive the same in return from them. Do not hold them too tightly or try to squeeze them while playing. This can cause harm to their bones and feathers also. Your pet can be the best companion when treated with love and care.


Birds are one of the most amazing and attractive species that you can have as a pet. They are quite smart and active and serve as the best buddies. Just pay attention to their needs and above all, do not go for a pet that does not suit your schedule and availability. This way you will only make your pet suffer.

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