7 Challenges That Helped Me Become a Better Pet Owner

7 Challenges that Helped Me Become a Good Pet Owner

If you have become a pet owner recently, you might have noticed that a sense of responsibility also creeps in. It can be a joyful feeling but several challenges also cross your path. But do not worry, they will gradually help you to become a good pet owner. After all, it’s not a one day thing but a continuous process. Here are some of those challenges that every pet owner faces which makes them better with time.

1. Giving them all your attention

It is true that pets can become your best companion and you can surely spend a lot of quality time with them but it is difficult to be around them all the time because you can have your work schedules too. Here, it might become a challenge sometimes to give them attention all the time, pets can be very demanding when talking about love and attention.

If they do not feel your constant attention, it might irritate them and make them angry. This can be fine until a certain limit but it can also result in various destructive acts or some extreme behavior to catch your attention. Therefore, it is really important that they have company with them when you are not present and spend as much time as possible with your pet.

2. Separation anxiety

We might not understand it properly but pets do have some kind of anxiety due to separation from their owners. It can be difficult for them to manage while you are not around, so it is important to make your pet habitual of living alone when they are at a small age. Giving them training so they do not panic or react in an extreme manner when being alone.

They must be able to entertain themselves through playing or engaging in some activities while you are at work. It is necessary to give them balanced attention and self time so that they do not need you around always. Sometimes it can be slightly easy depending upon the breed as some breeds do not require a lot of attention and enjoy their alone time.

3. Providing proper training

There is absolutely no need to explain the importance of training your pet. You might notice that a new puppy does not understand the appropriate behavior but with good training they learn how to socialize properly. They need to know the rules of every routine activity otherwise it gets difficult to manage with them.

The truth is training is itself a cumbersome process, it can require a lot of time and effort. You need to bring basic things into your pet’s habit and it is not an easy job. Sometimes even after teaching them, the same things might get repeated. If it becomes difficult for you to devote time consistently, contact a professional.

4. Motivating them is important

As mentioned above, training requires a lot of dedicated effort, it is essential to motivate your pet when they do something good. If they behave in a proper manner and are obedient, they must be rewarded with some kind of treats. This will boost their confidence and help them to learn. Similarly, when they do something wrong like pooping around the house, or do not behave appropriately with guests, some kind of punishment must be given to make them understand the difference.

5. Taking care of the expenses

While it is obvious that you might have thought thoroughly about the expenses that are associated with owning a pet. You need to take them regularly to a good vet for keeping them healthy, even a slight change can not be ignored. Timely vaccinations, medicines, hygiene care, all must be in your expense list. Some expenses vary as per the breed of your pet as some are low maintenance while the others require more care.

Well, it’s not only about enjoying the company of your furry friend but a lot of responsibilities related to finance. It is important to plan a budget for all the pet expenses. There can be some kind of emergencies too, so have a prior planning.

6. Outdoor care

Pets can be excited about spending time outdoors. You will notice that they know it very well when it’s time for playing and enjoy it a lot. But it is your responsibility at that time to take good care so that there is no harm caused. If they are playing in a garden, make sure there are no sharp objects or poisonous plants around. Even in your absence, the surroundings must be pet-proofed, so that there are no accidents. In case of any injury that can not be treated at home, take them immediately to the vet.

7. Consistency is the key

Whatever it may be, training or taking care of their routine for a healthy life, everything requires consistency with your pet. You will have to align your schedule with theirs and take them for regular walks, give them meals on time, play with them, etc. It is amazing how our pets naturally know when it’s time for a certain activity. You will find that following a schedule for your pet will make it easy to manage. If the routine is not adhered to, it can make them irritated.


being a good pet parent is nothing to be worried about. As time passes by, you will learn about new things and get habituated. It is best to do extensive research about everything related to a pet. Know very well about their needs as per their age, breed, size, etc. If you face any difficulty, contact a professional trainer that can help you to overcome challenges.

Stay in touch with your vet to take good suggestions on what is appropriate for your pet because each pet is different. Initially, it can require some extra efforts but gradually you realize the perks of having a pet companion. Just remember the basics and take care of their health and routine, your pet will give you abundant love in return.

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