Goodman Chemist (Veterinary) is a reliable and trusted source for pet medications and other supplies for animals.They offer a comprehensive selection of products for dogs, cats, and other companion animals, including prescription and non-prescription drugs, medical supplies, nutritional supplements, and high-quality pet food. Their team of experienced pharmacists and technicians are knowledgeable about animal health and the proper use of medications, and they are dedicated to working closely with veterinarians to ensure the best possible care for animals. In addition to their in-store services.

Address: the compound of SPCA, Shop No 1, Survey No 193, Dr SS Rao Marg, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012.
Mobile: 9004485093

Opening hours:

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Monday – 09:00–03:00
Tuesday – 09:00–03:00
Wednesday – 09:00–03:00
Thursday – 09:00–03:00
Friday – 09:00–03:00
Saturday – 09:00–03:00
Sunday – 09:00–03:00

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