Dog Fleas and Ticks Tablets: Preventing and Treating


Dog Fleas and Ticks Tablets: Preventing and Treating

Fleas and ticks are major concerns of dog keepers all year long. These ectoparasites cause diseases like Bartonellosis, Babesiosis, and Lyme, leading to severe itching and skin tissue damage. Tics and fleas are commonly seen in long hair breeds of dogs, e.g., Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs, but ticks can get in any pet as none of the dog breeds is flea resistant.

It’s challenging to eradicate them as their larvae multiply rapidly. Summer season provides favorable conditions for tick and flea growth. It is essential to know about the preventive measures with medicinal information. Here I will list everything for you related to your dog’s tick so that you can tackle the problem easily and keep your dog healthy!

Prevention tips:

  • Be active in checking you four leg friend if you see him scratching or itching.
  • For the safe side, use the tick or flea comb on a regular basis to keep dogs safe.
  • Protect the environment and habitat where the dog sits and wash the bedding.
  • Sometimes it’s good to use ticks and flea vet shampoo or spray to be safe.
  • Try to vacuum at home once a week to avoid any chances of a tick’s presence.
  • Keep the grass trimmed


As a treatment, tick collars or shampoo can also be used, but they are more toxic and less effective treatment options. I will here recommend medicines or oral tablets that completely eradicate these ticks. The following tablets have been divided on the weight basis of dogs so that it works efficiently according to their age.

SAROLANER ticks and fleas chewable tablets

These chewable tablets are the best tick and flea treatment for dogs which is fast acting and has immediate action. These chew tablets aim to protect dogs from ticks, fleas, and their eggs. This is best for small and medium dogs formulated according to their body weight. For best results, use one tablet every month.

FLURALANER chewable ticks and flea tablets

This tablet comes in various weight options ranging from 2 to 56 kg. Fluralaner is best for tick and flea prevention. This medicine provides protection against Babesiosis in dogs. This can be used for pregnant or lactating dogs the only precaution is weight/age consideration. Here is a link to tablets containing fluralaner that are classified on the basis of weight. These are tick and flea infestations for 3 months, not for under 8 weeks puppies.

Bravecto Dog Tablets



This 68 mg chewable tablet contains Afoxolaner, which fights ticks and flea infestations and prevents Lyme disease in dogs. This tablet will protect your dog in the house and outside everywhere. This is all in one formula that minimizes the chances of re-infestation and lasts for a month.


This topical endectocide contains 6% selamectin that prevents ticks and fleas in dogs and cats. This is a spot-on tick treatment applied between the pet’s shoulders. It effects quickly and gets absorbed in the skin. Most of these last a month. It can be used for dogs six months and older and cats eight weeks and older. Take your dog everywhere with a Selamac protection shield.

FIPRONIL AND S-METHOPRENE is a spot-on insecticide for killing ticks and mites in dogs. When applied to the skin with the help of oil glands, it is distributed in the body and starts working—made with active ingredients Fipronil and S-Methoprene. This is water resistant and works efficiently on the whole body of any size.

SELAMECTIN 120mg/ ml

Selamectin is best for dogs that fall under the weight category of 10 to 20 kg. This consist of three tubes, each filled with 10 ml of solution. This is effective for adult ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, heartworms, lice, ear mites, and sarcoptic mites. Selamectin is a topical parasiticide that comes in a liquid bottle. This spot on remains in the hair follicles of the dog after application from where it is distributed in the whole body.

FIPRONIL AND S-METHOPRENE spot on Ectoparasiticide

This spot on will fix all your dog’s problems. This contains Fipronil, S- Methoprene, and Excipients that control and treat ticks and fleas at any stage (egg, larvae, or adult). This is advised for dogs ranging from 0 to 60 kg

– For all stages
– Active IGR property
– Fast Acting


This fast-acting waterproof spot-on kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and flea larvae also prevents the development of flea pupae. This is fast acting, easy to use, and prevents flea allergy. Highly recommended by vets and is now available on online stores.

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